The Christ`s Ambassadors Students Fellowship in Tanzania (CASFETA) is the pentecostal students organisations across the country.Casfeta has got more than 11oo braches in primary, secondary, and universities.Casfeta Udsm is among of the branches of casfeta at University of Dar-es-salaam and renewed on 2007. Casfeta Udsm right now is among of the dynamic and emerging fellowship at University of Dar-es-salaam in reaching students by the Living Gospel of the Jesus Christ.
     Currently Casfeta udsm conducting his services both at Main Campus and Mabibo Hostel in our daily services.According to the main scripture of the vision of Casfeta PROVERB 1:7 ''the fear of the lord is the beginning of the knowledge but fools despises wisdom and instructions" we are commited to serve our God (YEHOVA) and persuing excellence academic perfomance .
       The following are the departments that assists students to persue spiritual growth and academics excellence on his/her studies.
1.      Sisters department
2.      Brothers department
3.      Evengelism department
4.      Prayer department
5.      Praise and worshiping department
6.      Academics department
7.      Information department
we invite all first years and continuer students to join with us to enjoy the real love of Jesus Christ.
call us 0687630930, 0653780047


CASFETA UDSM KIGWE MISSION. The above picture was captured durring kigwe-Dodoma mission on February 2012 .On Kigwe mission more than 180 people were saved and many of them are continue in salvations.